For generations the Crater family has fought a never ending war with an invisible enemy, a hidden world of malevolent spirits who prey on the weak and drain life from the living.  Armed with the ability to see and manipulate the spirit world they have dedicated their lives to hunting down and destroying those who refuse to move on. 

Eighteen months after running away from home 17 year old Farrell, the last of the Craters, returns to the town he left behind to bury his father, resolute in his decision not to take on his family's mantle.  But when Ingrid, the girl he left behind, needs his help, he is torn between the life he wants for himself and the path his father laid out for him.

As his father's old friends and foes resurface he is thrown headlong into a world he barely understands with enemies that will stop at nothing to kill him.  Farrell must figure out who he can trust, how to utilise his abilities and that at some point he has to stop running and face his demons.


© 2017 by Isaac Williams.